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The purpose of the Countywide Stream Assessment Program (CSAP) of the Dauphin County Conservation District (DCCD) is to collect data to determine the present condition of Dauphin County’s streams.  The CSAP will document and measure changes in stream conditions occurring over time.  In addition, CSAP will provide some evaluation of the factors affecting stream condition in order to protect, maintain, and restore stream conditions to meet designated uses. 

The results of this 5 year study are intended to present water quality issues to the public in order to promote and support initiatives that increase direct participation in stream stewardship and the reduction of water pollution.  The study also focuses DCCD programs and prioritizes the most critical stream protection needs in the County’s watersheds.  To improve public education, this document contains information regarding the character of the County’s watersheds and issues found within them. 

Data has been collected for the CSAP every year since 2004, with 2018 being the last year included in this report.  Upon completion, the results were reviewed and made understandable and accessible for all interested groups and individuals.  Yearly assessments are continuing to note changes that are occurring.

The provided link allows the latest Stream Health Report to be viewed or downloaded. 

Dauphin County Stream Health Report: Updated 2019

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