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Pennsylvania agriculture has a history rich in conservation and environmental stewardship. Before “green” was fashionable, farmers were finding the best ways to take care of their land, by conserving the soil and making the most of all their natural resources. There are rules, laws and regulations everywhere. Many rules are meant to keep people safe. Others are meant to keep our environment safe. Environmental regulations cover industrial pollution as well as pollution controls for agriculture. Two of PA’s ag-related environmental regulations are PA Chapter 91.36 (Manure Management) and PA Chapter 102 (Erosion & Sediment Control). 

All farms are required to develop and implement a written plan to reduce erosion when plowing and tilling (including no-till cropping) and for animal heavy use areas disturbing more that 5,000 sq. ft. As a minimum, an Ag E&S plan is required. See the brochure below titled Basics of Agricultural Erosion and Sedimentation Requirements. Landowners / operators can use a free, online tool called PAOneStop to develop their Ag E&S plan.  A conservation plan is a more comprehensive plan which addresses all resource concerns and keeps one eligible for USDA programs.  

All farms in Pennsylvania, regardless of size, that produce or land apply manure or agricultural process wastewater must develop and implement a written plan. This plan may be a manure management plan or nutrient management plan depending upon how many animals are present and how many acres are available for land application.

The Conservation District assists the farming community in Dauphin County with its' conservation efforts as well as keeping up with enviromental regulations.  Click on the headings above for information about agricultural programs administered by the Dauphin County Conservation District. Contact an Ag Specialist at (717) 921-8100 for further assistance.

Click on one of these educational brochures for plan requirements and to evaluate how well your operation is meeting PA's regulations regarding manure management and erosion & sediment control.  

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