Pennsylvania Envirothon Mission:

The Envirothon is an environmental education program made available to Pennsylvania Conservation Districts in partnership with related state and federal agencies and other organizations. The Envirothon program is designed to test high school students’ knowledge of Pennsylvania’s natural resources and  environmental sciences.  The program emphasizes the importance of environmental sensitivity while stressing a need to achieve a social, ecological, and economic balance. The Pennsylvania Envirothon provides future generations with the ability to be better equipped to address the complex natural resource concerns facing today’s world as well as the challenges of  tomorrow.

Envirothon Competition:

Envirothons are held every spring in counties across Pennsylvania.  Participating high schools provide teams of up to five students who are tested in five subject areas or “ecosystem” areas including aquatics, forestry, soils, wildlife, and a  current issue.  A different current environmental issue is selected every year. The winning team from each county is eligible to participate in the State-wide Envirothon and possibly the National Envirothon.

Dauphin County Envirothon:

The  Dauphin County Conservation District has hosted the Dauphin County    Envirothon since 1990.  In 2015, the District hosted the 26th Annual Dauphin County Envirothon on April 28, 2015 at the Dauphin County Agricultural and Natural Resources Center, Dauphin, PA.  Participating in the 2015 event were teams of students from Central Dauphin High School, Central Dauphin East High School, Hershey High School, Lower Dauphin High School, Milton Hershey School, and Upper Dauphin High School.  Funding for the Envirothon is provided by the Dauphin County Conservation  District and contributions from local businesses. Following is a list of sponsors for the 2015 event:

Dauphin County 2015 Envirothon Corporate Sponsors

The Hershey Company Platinum Level Sponsor
PA Envirothon Gold Level Sponsor
Middletown Ice and Coal Silver Level Sponsor
Phoenix Contact, Inc. Silver Level Sponsor
Giant Food Stores Silver Level Sponsor
Hershey Creamery Company Silver Level Sponsor
Pennsylvania American Water Silver Level Sponsor
WHTM-TV Channel 27 Silver Level Sponsor
Handwerk Site Contractors Silver Level Sponsor
United Water Silver Level Sponsor
Klinger Lumber Company Bronze Level Sponser
Mid-Penn Bank Bronze Level Sponser
Dauphin Pizza Bronze Level Sponser
Bass Pro Shops Patron Level Sponser

Winning Teams of the 2015 Dauphin County Envirothon were:

1st Place: Lower Dauphin High School

2nd Place: Lower Dauphin High School

3rd Place: Milton Hershey School

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