Planting Guidelines
  • Planting instructions will be supplied with each order. Check the Plant Descriptions page for specific planting conditions preferred by individual species.
  • Fencing or tree shelters should be placed around seedlings to avoid damage from rabbits or lawnmowers.
  • If planting in dense deer cover, expect mortality due to deer browsing on seedlings.
  • Seedlings should be planted as soon as possible after delivery.
  • The roots must be kept moist until planting, store in a cool location out of direct sunlight.
  • When planting seedlings, dig a hole that is large enough that roots are not bent into a "J" shape. The most common cause for failure is restricting plant roots.
  • A layer of organic mulch will reduce water needs and increase survivability.
  • Seedlings should be watered once every two weeks the first year. More frequently during hot dry periods.
  • One good watering is better than several smaller waterings.
  • For best results, allow a five foot radius between seedlings.
  • All seedlings grow slowly for 2-5 years after transplanting and more rapidly thereafter.
  • Pruning is not recommended for conifers during the first three years.
  • Windbreaks should be planted in staggered rows. In row spacing 6-10 feet apart with rows 10 feet apart except as noted.
  • Spruce make the best windbreaks.
  • Evergreen and decidous seedlings require very little, if any, fertilizer the first year. Use a fertilizer tablet at planting if desired.
  • Fruit trees can be fertilized after ground has settled.
  • Plant trees at least 12 feet from the curb, sidewalk or paved surface, eventually roots can crack or raise sidewalks, etc.
  • Avoid planting trees over or within 20 feet of any sewer line or septic system; roots can block these lines causing expensive repairs.
  • In quantities of 500 evergreen seedlings, each bundle contains 25 seedlings.
  • Apples are not self-pollinating - at least 2 varieties should be planted for fruit production.
  • Peaches and Sweet Cherries listed are self-pollinating and as such do not require another peach or cherry tree nearby to produce fruit.
  • Space semi-dwarf apples 12- 15 feet apart. Peaches should be spaced 15 - 20 feet apart. Cherries should be spaced 20 feet apart.
  • The Small Scale Fruit Production manual is a good source of information for home fruit planting. It is available through the Penn State Cooperative Extension Service or online at
  • High mortality is not uncommon with seedlings, the nursery industry standard is to not guarantee survival of bareroot seedlings nor will the Dauphin County Conservation District.
Seedling Sale - Planting Guidelines

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